In today's global arena, information technology is integrated with the world markets. The Internet is the tool for the present and the future in paving the way for the virtual corporation services. With the advent of such resources, all men, women and children of the world, especially developing countries, will benefit from the virtual reaching hand of healthcare.

In Phase International, Inc. (IPI) will facilitate the outreach of medical services and care for millions of citizens in the world. Through the use of the World Wide Web and information technology, In Phase International, Inc. will provide competent medical consulting services in the treatment and the follow-up care of patients and an ongoing medical consulting out reach service. These services are provided as second opinions only. For details about the IPI Management Team please click IPI-Team.

Time is the number one factor that plays a crucial role in determining the outcome and remission of a disease or in any other medical situation. Therefore, will provide and use information technology as the dominant driving force behind the "virtual reaching hand of healthcare".'s market will be in the global and domestic arena of healthcare. IPI, with its synergistic fit with Information Technology, will provide medical care consulting services to be made easily accessible and provide a quick feed-back and medical consultation support for physicians, hospitals, clinics, international humanitarian organization, schools and anyone with internet access.