Online Global Healthcare Network (OGHN), Corporate Services, Business to Business Medical Services (B2B), Virtual Healthcare (VH)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a consulting physician of For physicians, organizations and corporations IPI offers:

  • Cyber-American-Health-Cafe Services Worldwide.
  • Web-based patients' Appointment Book, available soon.
  • e-Prescriptions, electronic billing and online payments, available soon.
  • Physician-Patient chat rooms and Net2Phone capabilities, available soon.
  • Second medical opinions within 24 to 72 hours from the time the request is received.
  • Discount packages & Global traveler medical online service(s).
  • Growing number of online/on call American trained MDs.
  • e-medical services and products; (on-line). "E-Medicalservicesandproducts".
  • Assist in linking patients and physicians in their immediate geographic areas.
  • Medical support services for physicians.
  • Turn Key healthcare solutions for multinational corporations and their employees working abroad.
  • Physician's web page link to IPI web sites.
  • Stock Options Available.
  • World wide web healthcare network OR Clinic (WWWHN/C).