Are you...

  • An individual or a family working abroad?
  • In need of a medical 2nd opinion from the USA or Europe?
  • Requiring medical care in the United States or Europe?
  • Working in Human Resources/Corporate Services and responsible for the welfare of your overseas employees?

Who are we?

In-Phase International (IPI) is incorporated in both the United States and Switzerland. IPI's corporate headquarters is in Tempe, AZ. IPI, which started as a Delaware Corporation on February 15, 1989, is the parent company of, and was established in 1998. IPI's European headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Internet is the tool for the present and the future in paving the way for the virtual corporation services. With the advent of such resources, all men, women and children of the world, especially developing countries, will benefit from the virtual reaching hand of healthcare.

What do we offer? offers US medical 2nd opinions from US based medical doctors with a minimum of 10 years medical practice experience. physicians will be able to respond within 72 hours to any online 2nd medical consultation request. also has a growing number of qualified European MDs on our global healthcare network to offer online medical 2nd opinions where required, and to assist in following up with actual office visits. We will soon provide rapid response-2nd medical opinions, within 6, 12 and 24 hour periods. Additional charges will be applied for rapid response, i.e., at quadruple, thrice and twice the regular charges respectively.

What can we do for you? can assist an individual and/or multinational corporation (MNC) operating in a foreign environment with online medical 2nd opinions from US or European doctors. We can save time and money for the employee and employer. With a corporate package, each employee will be given an online account accessible via, enabling that employee to request a pre-paid amount of medical opinions in the form of a general consultation or specialist consultation. If the patient requires further assistance, will assist in scheduling an office visit to an IPI MD in our global healthcare network in the specific geographic region. The last alternative would be for IPI to arrange an actual fly-back to the United States at a set fee to the employee and/or employer. All three options will enable significant savings in terms of time and money, for both the employer and the employee.

How to Contact Us

In Phase International Inc.
1847 East Southern Avenue, Suite 5
Tempe, Arizona 85282
Tel: (480)838-0022
Fax: (480)838-3887