Patients and /or relatives can receive second opinions or consultations from Physicians. We will not accept or file for any Insurance payments.

All discussions with Physicians shall be charged at 15-minute intervals. For a General Physician's advice, the first 15 minutes charge shall be US$35 and each subsequent 15 minutes intervals shall be charged at US$35. For a Specialist or a sub-Specialist Physician's consult or advice, the charge shall be from US$75 for every 15 minutes interval or US$300 per hour, depending on the specialty involved. All Physicians are concise and to the point, however, some consultations and opinions may vary in the time spent by the Physicians in order to verify and research on different medical cases. Accordingly, you will be informed about the excess time spent by Physicians in cases that may take more time to render opinions. The balance of payment, for the excess of time spent, has to be made before you receive the opinions and consultations. All payments made towards appointments and services are non refundable, non cancelable and non negotiable, unless the consultative medical services were not provided by, due to unavailability of the Physicians at the pre-arranged time or due to unanticipated technological difficulties experienced by

The above noted charges must be paid in US Dollars only, with an Internationally acceptable credit card. Alternately, you may pay in your local currency conversion amount, equivalent to the above noted charge, as long as you make prior verifiable arrangements with, via email. All charges are subject to change without prior notice from time to time.

The payment has to be made for the first 15 minutes and additional time can be purchased as per the rates noted above. will make every effort to answer all emails within 72 hours of receipt of payment, unless notified otherwise or due to unanticipated technological difficulties.

No faxes or emails or postings of any medical information shall be accepted, unless there is a proper prior payment as well as prior arrangements are made. We do not take any responsibility either to store or to respond to any information and/or materials that will be sent without consideration of the above policy.

Since the medical consultative services that are being provided to you are in physical absence and based on the information you provide, we ask that you take our advice and information only as opinions. None of our opinions or consultations is to be construed as final conclusions. does not give any warranties or guarantees on our Physicians' opinions or consultations. Please consult your own local Physician(s) for further clarification on our opinions and for their conclusion. will keep all the information that has been received and generated as its sole property, and will not be shared or given out, in an identifiable manner, without approval of both the parties.